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Digital Character Sheet is a program designed for players of Tabletop RPGs.

It stores all of your character's information in a series of tabs.

All tabs and fields are re-nameable in order to accommodate any ruleset.

The Statistics tab contains up to 6 primary fields (7 including Health/Hit Points) and up to 12 statistic slots. Each statistic slot also has a modifier slot with it, for a total of up to 24 totally custom Text and Numerical slots for your character. Next to the modifier slots is now an Additional Info box, for storing stat related information such as skills, focuses, or anything else you want!

The Skills and Spells/Attacks tabs have a panel perfectly suited for storing your spell text, attack text, dice rolls, and any other information important to the entry. No more flipping through rulebook pages to find the spell descriptions! Use Bold, Italics, Underline, colored text, and small images to customize your descriptions any way you'd like! You now have up to 10 pages in the Spellbook tab. Each page is renameable.

Manage your inventory with a simple Equipment tab. Edit amounts, weights, and move an item from inventory to Equipped and back again with one button.

A Bio/Notes tab allows you to Import any .PNG image you want to use as a portrait for your character. (Make sure portrait is optimized for 350px X 350px) Next to the portrait is a panel for writing a bio for your character, or for keeping notes about his or her adventures.

A fully functioning and fully hotkeyed Dice Roller tab allows you to roll dice without opening another program, and create, save and edit your custom rolls, or modify your existing custom rolls without needing to edit them. You can have Exploding Dice, Drop Low, Drop High, and Roll Seperate!

NEW (2.0): Plugins! Plugins are small files with the extension .dcsp that contain information that can be dragged and dropped (or press Add Item) into
the Skills tab or Spellbook tab. These plugins can contain virtually anything, but are especially useful for spells, skills, and various other items
you don't feel like copying and pasting from a PDF. They are in the .JSON format and are therefore very easy to make.
API documentation for creating your own plugins will be coming shortly.

Easily open your plugins and character sheets by dragging and dropping them straight into the program.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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DigitalCharacterSheet_2.1_Win64.zip 18 MB
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DigitalCharacterSheet_2.1_MAC.zip 32 MB
DigitalCharacterSheet_2.1_Linux64.zip 21 MB
DigitalCharacterSheet_2.1_Linux32.zip 21 MB

Download demo

DigitalCharacterSheet_2.1_Win_Demo.zip 17 MB
DCS2.1_Mac_Demo.zip 32 MB
DigitalCharacterSheet_2.1_Linux_demo.zip 21 MB
5e Template.dcs 2 kB
BFRPG Template.dcs 1 kB
Fantasy Age Template.dcs 1 kB
N.E.W. Template.dcs 3 kB
5E SRD - Bard Spells.dcsp 124 kB
5E SRD - Cleric Spells.dcsp 108 kB
NEW Careers and Exploits.dcsp 94 kB